Wednesday, May 29, 2013

You Might Be a Mother of Boys If....Part 4

With Liam's shenanigans yesterday, I figured out it was about time to add a few more items to my "You Might Be a Mother of Boys If..." list.  That kid kept me hoppin' yesterday!  (Lucky for him he's so cute!)
Rotten little stinker.  Wendy Hardin shot this pic of him two weeks ago for his second birthday.
Alas, it has been almost a year since I made my last additions to this list.  I suppose I shall start with yesterday's occurances that prompted this post, huh?  Here goes:

You Might Be a Mother of Boys If...
60. You know what two dozen eggs splattered across a kitchen floor looks like.
61. You know just how tough it is to get the stain from an entire pitcher of dark red Crystal Light out of your living room carpet.
62. Every meal is a "see"food meal, whether you're serving seafood or not.
63. You know how difficult it is to get Vaseline out of a shih tzu's hair.
64. You know that magic marker fades on its own from a dog's hair in approximately four days.
65. Anything and everything in your house is climbed on, climbed up, and climbed over.
66. Because of #65, there is nothing in your house that your children can not get to if they set their mind to it.
67. You've used the sentence, "No, we do NOT hit baby brother with a baseball bat."
68. By the age of five, your son can burp an entire sentence.
69. Often times, said son and his father have contests during dinner to see whose sentence is the longest.
70. You often walk around for an entire day before realizing that you have snail trails down your sleeves and/or pant legs.
71. No matter how much you hate the fuzzy bath mats that slip around the bottom of your toilet like a baby bib, you have to use one in all bathrooms in your home.  YOU.HAVE.TO.
72. While you keep the pantry well stocked with a supply of paper towels, napkins, and baby wipes, your children rarely use them, opting instead for wiping their grime-covered hands all over their freshly washed clothes...or yours.
73. While Home Alone has always been a holiday favorite of yours, you hesitate to let your children watch it because you know one day your children will try to recreate Kevin McAllister's battle plan in your home...but you let them watch it anyway.
74. Your children's dress-up clothes appear to be the costumes for members of The Village People.
75. You've found enough random Lego pieces in your house to construct a miniature version of your house.

Can't go without a pic of my other wild and crazy kid--love my Chan!
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Till next time friends!
Brittany :)

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