Sunday, January 4, 2015

You Might Be a Mother of Boys If...Part 5

Well with these two weeks off, I've actually had some time to sit down and do some things that I've not made time for in a while.  This is for real the second blog post in a  week!  And since the list has been growing over the past year and half since I did my last "You Might Be a Mother of Boys" post, I figured I would go ahead and get Part 5 rollin'.  So here goes:

You Might Be a Mother of Boys If...Part 5

76. Favorite books in your home library include Walter the Farting Dog and What's That Smell?
77. You have, from time to time, experienced the rush of a Demolition Derby in your very own kitchen featuring the Little Tykes Cozy Coupe versus the Fisher Price Harley.
78. You know that lightening bugs can survive in a mason jar for five nights.  (Six if they're lucky.)
79. It is not unusual that you are often serenaded during your dinner preparation with a band made up solely of your children banging on pots and pans with wooden spoons.
80. When you go on the search for your favorite fuzzy blanket and pillow, you are more likely than not bound to find them in one of many blanket forts that are built around your house.
81. You know that hermit crabs  A.) can escape from their glass enclosures  B.) are  pretty fast little buggers and C.) have impeccable climbing skills.
82. You've had one or more bottles of urine in your car during a road trip.
83. You always have a dry wall repair kit handy at your house.
84. Your children ALWAYS laugh at Winnie the Pooh...for obvious reasons.
85. Your child asked Santa for a Fart Blaster for Christmas.
86. You really have no need for chairs around your dinner table since your children are in constant motion; moving, jumping, climbing, or dancing around the table even while eating their dinner.
87. Your family's favorite Olympic sport is Winter Figure Farting.  (Seriously.  This is a thing.  If you have boys, you probably know this already. If you don't, Google it.)
88. You have no one in your home to watch Disney princess movies with.
89. You've had a dog covered in applesauce.
90. You know that dogs will eat corn on the cob.  As in, the whole cob.  (But, it will come back up.)
91. You have first hand knowledge that one should NEVER give a gerbil a bath.
92. Your children are so rough and tumble that your youngest received his first bloody nose at the age of 2...from big brother.
93. You know not to leave your children in the bathroom alone with a full bottle of hair gel.
94. You know how long it takes to clean up 5 pounds of dry beans and 4 boxes of macaroni noodles out of carpet.
95.  You know that a Dyson can, in fact, lose suction.
96. You no longer ask your children to feed and water the dogs, because waterfalls in your hallway just aren't helpful.
97. You actually own a coin bank that toots when you put money in it. ("Drop in some loot to hear me toot." For real.)
98. You've spent many hours helping your child construct a "squirrel-catcher" because, out of the blue, your child decides that you need a pet squirrel.
99. Your children are not afraid of heights.  Or danger.  Or the dark. Or broken bones.  In fact, nothing seems to scare your children at all (much to your dismay).
100. You live in constant fear of the unexpected Nerf dart to the face.

Yep, our lives are certainly full of excitement thanks to these two!
But, we wouldn't change it for the world!  
"Boy, n,: a noise with dirt on it."
~Not Your Average Dictionary~

Till next time friends!
Brittany :)

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